Instant Win casinos: what you need to know

Instant Win casinos: what you need to know

Instantly winning sounds amazing…but that’s not all that an instant win casino is! Despite the name, there is more to it than you may think. So what are the most important things to know about them, what can you expect to find, and what are the benefits you’d need to be aware of before playing?

Types of instant win games
There are a few kinds of instant win games. The most common, and best-known, is the scratch card. Online there are other kinds of instant win titles, usually in the form of mini-games, prize wheels, or keno. The aim of an instant win game is to give you a prize result quickly, without needing to wait for a prize draw (like in lotteries) or to make cumulative spins (like in slot machines). They’re generally cheap, quick, and great for a bit of fun. Although online slot games and instant win games are powered by the same random number generators, the games are a lot quicker and simpler.

Scratch cards
Scratch cards are perhaps the most ubiquitous online instant win games that you’ll find. They’re simple, quick, and almost exactly the same as when you might buy a scratch card in person. Simply pick the symbols you want to scratch off, and your prize will be revealed. Although most prizes from scratchcards can be fairly small, the grand prizes can be huge! Ranging from thousands to as high as millions, players can be in for a huge win.

Scratch card apps can be standalone or part of a separate casino. Many online casinos offer UK scratch card bonuses, such as a no deposit bonus that lets you play risk free until you run out. For UK players, the cost of scratch cards can be as low as £1 and go higher depending on the size of the final prize.

Keno is similar to tombola or bingo, or the lottery. You select your numbers, and if they are drawn then you win a prize. The prize is bigger if you guess more of the numbers correctly, and you can begin playing from as little as £1. Keno normally is played a few times a day, but instant win keno involves “quick-draw” games, which happen every few minutes. You can play multiple draws at a time. Although less popular in the UK than in the US, British gamblers will see similarities between it and UK bingo.

Spinning Wheels
A familiar staple on many TV competition shows, players will be used to seeing these! A player will pay for a spin (or a set of spins), and they can take their chances at turning the wheel. If it lands on the right spot, then you will win a prize! Usually the available prizes are varied, with small ones being fairly common, the opportunity to get free spins is always a chance, and of course the ever-present opportunity to get a huge jackpot win!

Benefits of instant win games
There are a few differences between instant win games online and offline which you can keep in mind when picking your game of choice. You should be on the lookout for games that have big potential jackpots, as the potential for winning here is huge! Another great feature of instant win games is the small cost to start playing – some casinos might need you to deposit a certain amount, but instant win games like scratch cards only require a small amount to start playing. Best of all, instant wins means instant – with no accumulation your money goes straight into your bank roll the minute you win it!